The Somali women’s Circle is a network that stands for the empowerment of Somali women’s role in society in order to end the suffering of Somali people, especially women.
“Enough is enough”

The Somali Women’s Circle Network empowers and mobilizes all Somali women as educators, leaders and peace keepers to step up for the enhancement of the their lives and the lives of all Somali people.

SWCN plans to:
1. Create and support Somali women’s leadership networks for peace and prosperity in Somalia.
2. Establish partnerships and support Somali-women organizations and activists that are working to enhance the quality of the lives of Somali women in and outside the country
3. Empower Somali women to participate in political decision making at all levels in order to enhance and protect Somalia women’s common interest.
4. Enhance Somali women’s lives by sharing information, inspirations, ideas and opportunities created by women for women.