About Us

Dr. Idil Ladane Salah

Dr. Idil Salah is a co-founder of Somali Women’s Circle Network.  Idil Salah is a Somali woman activist who strongly believes that women are the backbone of peace and development. She specifically promotes the rights of Somali women and youth. Idil is also a researcher who conducts work that relates to gender equality, human Security, failed states, peace-building and development issues. Idil has written on Somalia issues extensively, especially on the role of Somali women in peace and development. Idil works for the Federal Government of Canada, holds PhD on public affairs and management and Masters of Anthropology.

Farhia Ali Abdi

Farhia is one of diligent Somali women advocate who strive for gender representation, women rights and equitable participation of women in Somali socio-economic and political development. Farhia is a co-founder of Somali Women’s Circle Network SWCN and member of its executive committee. She works for provincial, municipal government with over 10 years experience as Program Coordinator and Employment Specialist in Ottawa, Canada. Farhia has an extensive knowledge in working and counseling with youth, children and families in dire need of Employment and Financial Assistance. Farhia has been advocating and working with Somali women and youth in Diasporas and Somalia for more than 20 years. Farhia holds B.A. in Psychology, Certificates in Project Management, Facilitation, Conflict Resolution and MAIS-Master of Interdisciplinary Studies with concentration in (work and organizational leadership). Her interests include grass-root community work, volunteering, program development and role modeling. Farhia resides in Ottawa, Canada.

Nimao Ali




Nimao is an exceptional community leader with remarkable experience helping people from all walks of life, both in Canada and abroad. She is a beloved, courageous and passionate role-model/activist and promoter of justice, especially for women and girls. She has initiated many community projects and is on the board of several local and international organizations that work to improve the lives of vulnerable populations in Canada and in Africa. Recently, Nimao has been extremely busy with an increasing demands such as, to be the spokesperson on several evolving advocacy issues in Ottawa,  and leading a youth delegation to meet with the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Malala Yousafzai in the Canadian Parliament.

Ifrah Hassan




Ifrah has a B.A in Economics and currently works for the Federal Government. Ifrah has a passion for volunteering in the Somali community. In 2011, she co-founded the Somali Canadian Youth Mentorship (SCYM) program, which runs throughout the academic school year, and Awakening: Reviving Spirit of Somali Youth Conference, which happens annually in Ottawa. She is also active volunteer member for the Canadian Somali Mothers Association (CSMA) and board member for the Somali Women’s Circle Network (SWCN).