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Somali women’s Circle Network


The purpose of the Somali Women’s Circle Network is the empowerment of Somali women’s role in their society.


Our vision is to create and support Somali women’s leadership for peace and prosperity; and to establish partnerships with and support Somali-women organizations and activists that are working to enhance and promote the quality of the lives of Somali women in and outside of the country.


The objectives of the SWCN are:

 To foster an environment with other stakeholders in support of empowerment of women, which translates into better access to services, leadership, social justice, and governance?
 To raise and discuss emerging issues and topics that are of concern to women, allowing for the potential development of new interventions.
 To maintain effective distribution of women-focused information among members utilizing various communication methods such as direct contact, website, face-book and e-mail.
 To build partnerships between SWCN members, creating opportunities for resources, information and services for women.
 To share best practices, enhancing delivery of workshops, seminars, information sessions and other related services.
 To share current knowledge of women’s issues around the world, allowing members to remain updated on initiatives that could impact on women’s rights.


Membership is open to community-based agencies / organizations within Canada or international. In addition, membership is open to everyone, who has a vested interest in women’s empowerment. Presently, there is no membership fee associated with SWCN. In addition, the SWCN does not receive or seek funding to support member participation or associated activities.

5. Membership Registration and Documentation

New membership registration and documentation of the membership list / directory is coordinated by SWCN members from Ottawa. This registration process involves welcoming new members through an email communiqué script, which includes SWCN background information and best practices for sharing information utilizing current email system. The membership list / directory is updated on a regular basis by a SWCN member and will available to all members.


SWCN members represent their designated service/programs. Each member comes with a vast array of knowledge and expertise. This information not only enriches the membership; it allows the SWCN to create one voice of women, thereby, providing leadership within area. Members are encouraged to participate in SWCN activities in order to take advantage of all networking opportunities.